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  TRACEY EMIN   The multi media talk on this influential if controversial artist is proving to be       very popular as an intimate Café Culture event and is available for booking.


  AI WEIWEI        The popular multi media talk on this fascinating artist is available for booking.        Learn more about the life and work of this major artist who is currently exhibiting at the RA.


  LOUISE BOURGEOIS   The multi media talk on this important artist is available for             booking as a Café Culture event. Find out about this hugely important artist who made the giant spider !


  If you would like to host one of these Café Culture talks in your home, please       contact me to arrange. Minimum audience of 8 required.


     ART INSIGHTS talks are given by UK artist, critic and curator Clare Carswell MA(RCA) 


Clare Carswell is based in Oxford UK and Berlin Germany and is an interdisciplinary artist, critic and curator. She works with drawing and performance to make works for the gallery and the public space. She writes catalogue essays and reviews for the UK and international press and art journals. She is Director of AYYO Contemporary Art, a gallery and project space near Oxford where she curates the work of UK and international artists through the residency programme ART PITCH.

ART INSIGHTS talks relate to current or future exhibitions in galleries and museums in the region and are repeated during the exhibition run to give a choice of dates for attendance. Trips are arranged to visit the exhibitions for further discussions when possible.

The multi media illustrated talks are intended to enhance the viewing and appreciation of contemporary art of all forms including conceptual, performance, video and installation art. The talks offer the insights of an experienced artist and critic into the work of contemporary artists, the concepts that preoccupy them and the decisions that they make when producing their art. They examine the work of living artists, listen to their voices where possible and discuss the possible significance of their work for the viewer and the contemporary art scene. Reference is made to the art and ideas of earlier periods that have influenced artists and that underpin contemporary art making.  


ART INSIGHTS talks aim to be enjoyable and informative and are delivered in a friendly and approachable manner. The art that is discussed raises interesting questions about what modern art is and how we might relate to it and questions and comments are welcomed. The sessions last for two hours with a short break for refreshments and Q&A.

 "I hope that the Art Insight talks will interest dedicated followers of modern art and also encourage some to look at art that they may find challenging, to step outside their art-viewing 'comfort zone' and to consider why contemporary artists make what they do and why galleries and museums validate it by exhibiting it. The talks will explore some of the ideas preoccupying contemporary artists and help to make the experience of the art of today more accessible and enjoyable for the viewer." 


Café Culture talks take place in private homes and are a relaxed and enjoyable way to hear a talk. They can happen day-time or evening. I bring all screening equipment. The host invites friends and after the talk we enjoy informal discussions over coffee and cake or a glass of wine and nibbles. 

The cost is £10 incuding refreshments, the host does not pay. A minimum audience of 8 is requested for these events.